A Local Manufacturing Success

Bravo Northeastern Electronics

Who says Central New York manufacturers can’t compete with the best in the world?

Stephen M. Peltz, president and owner of Northeastern Electronics Co. Inc. in Elbridge, says they can. And his company is proving it. As the recession’s effects continue to be felt here and elsewhere, we are pleased to learn that Northeastern is succeeding against one of the world’s toughest business competitors. “We went head to head with Japan and we won,” Peltz said.

IBM bought coil for personal-computer monitors from Japanese suppliers until Northeastern earned its chance to fill that need. It now has a $6 million contract with IBM for the coils. The deal is helping Northeastern grow. The company recently added 32 production workers, bringing the Elbridge work-force total to 75. By year’s end, 25 more workers may be added.

The “global marketplace” remains the catch phrase of this decade in business and politics. And Northeastern apparently is doing all the things the economic gurus say American firms must do to survive and flourish in it.

It is consistently producing high-quality products and getting them to customers when customers need them. IBM, AT&T and Asea Brown Boveri are among the heavyweight customers who have dubbed Northeastern a quality supplier. The designation is becoming essential for businesses to have a chance at winning contracts.
Northeastern is sprouting fresh success right from where Central New York suffered a loss five years ago. It makes cables and wire in a 22,000-square-foot plant that was home to Skan-a-Matic, a manufacturer that moved to Florida.

All Central New Yorkers should find encouragement in this turnaround. It’s proof that manufacturing can grow here – if it’s done right. Northeastern’s doing it right.

A Local Manufacturing Success