Serving the Custom Cable Needs of a Wide Range of Industries

At Northeastern Electronics, our team is sought out to complete custom cable work for a wide range of industries that demand precision. From working with Defense contractors and the US Military to medical device manufacturers and the Automotive industry, our team has 40+ years of experience in getting complex cable and assembly manufacturing jobs done. With the ability to manufacture top quality RF cables, fiber optic cables, custom cable harnesses and high voltage cable solutions, we have the skills and products needed to successfully serve the needs of this diverse group of industries. Additionally, given our broad skillset, there is no limit to the industries our team can serve, so if you do not see yours referenced below, please do not hesitate in contacting our team so we can consider your project.


Our ITAR registration and compliance combined with our ISO 9001:2015 certification and 4 decades of experience make Northeastern Electronics a trusted cable manufacturer for the US Military and major Defense contractors. Having completed jobs that include producing ITAR compliant fiber optic assemblies for the DOD and Defense contractors, our team is relied upon for some of the most challenging cable manufacturing challenges that the US Military needs help solving. Our fiber optic assemblies have been used in military platforms ranging from frontline surface ships and submarines to aircraft and even spacecraft. We continue to expand our physical footprint and increase our production capacity to take on more and increasingly complex encapsulation and waterproofing jobs for military equipment that is both new and old. We welcome you to contact our team to learn more about our military cable manufacturing capabilities and to obtain a competitively priced quote for your job.

military applications
automotive applications


As the automotive and transportation industries grapple with increasing environmental regulations and the need to electrify their vehicles, they have increasingly turned to Northeastern Electronics to meet these needs. Our team has decades of experience manufacturing custom high voltage cables, and our automotive industry customers have sought out these solutions to help power components of EV trucks, buses, tractor trailers, rail roads, and more. We have been able to play a vital role in the development of our customers’ EV power technology, and we continue to be a relied upon resource to help innovative EV power source designers bring their concepts to market. If your business is in the automotive industry and needs high voltage custom cables made in NY by an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, then contact Northeastern Electronics today to discuss your needs.


Our design to print custom cable solutions are sought by medical device manufacturers for their quality coupled with the brief turn times we offer. Given the nature of their industry, medical device manufacturers who choose Northeastern Electronics to manufacture their custom cables require the most reliable solutions possible, and our team understands this need. Our cable cables and components are used in medical devices applications ranging from precision surgical devices to large medical equipment. Our team’s decades of experience and ISO 9001:2015 certification help to ensure that our custom medical device cables are manufactured at the highest quality possible. If your company needs custom cable solutions for medical devices, we invite you to contact our trusted team today to discuss your project and review your drawings.

medical devices
military and aerospace applications


One of Northeastern Electronics’ specialties is designing and manufacturing custom cables and assemblies for MilAero applications. We have been relied upon for over 40 years to complete this complex work, which today includes contract jobs that include the designing and implementing of high voltage power feed cables for ground-based cable systems as well as jobs developing custom connector epoxy applications for drone and satellite manufacturers. With our AS9100 certification along with ITAR registration and compliance, you can rely upon Northeastern Electronics to produce high quality MilAero cables and assemblies that comply with all applicable regulations.