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For over 40 years, industries ranging from defense to telecommunications and beyond have turned to Northeastern Electronics to manufacture reliable custom cables and harnesses. Our team of skilled engineers has been consistently chosen to manufacture RF, fiber optic, and high voltage cables as well as custom cable harnesses, which are often intended for rugged environments. Below, you can learn more about the suite of capabilities our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified cable manufacturing team offers, and then seamlessly request a quote for your next job online.

Custom Cable Harnesses

One of Northeastern Electronics’ most sought-after offerings are custom cable harnesses. By manufacturing custom cable harnesses for RF Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, and High Voltage cables made at our New York facility, NECI can be your sole provider of complete cable assemblies. Our custom harnesses serve to protect and maintain cabling in some of the most rugged environments imaginable. Our custom cables and harnesses can be found in submersible applications up to satellites with a plethora of uses in between. Whether you require a complex custom cable harness solution or something more common, the NECI will be excited to review your drawings and provide a quote.

High Voltage

Northeastern Electronics is the custom cable manufacturer to choose when drawings call for high voltage cables intended for demanding applications. Our AS9100 certified cable manufacturing work has been used in assemblies that include military ground-based detection system cables, EV truck cabling, unmanned aircraft system ground system cabling, and beyond. These custom cables made in New York can safely handle extremely high voltage, offering a reliable means of transmitting power, and you can learn more about our offering below.

RF Cables

Businesses in industries ranging from Defense to Telecommunications and beyond rely on Northeastern Electronics to manufacture quality RF Cables for a diverse array of applications. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified cable manufacturer that can both take on complex RF Cable manufacturing work and guarantee quality with brief lead times and fair prices offered. You can learn more about our RF Cable solutions and request a quote from our team today.

Fiber Optics

NECI has four decades of custom cable manufacturing experience and uses our team’s specialized skillset to manufacture high quality custom fiber optic cables in New York. Our work ranges from prototyping jobs to the manufacturing of fiber optic cables for undersea assemblies. These custom fiber optic cable solutions include distribution, discrete, breakout, hybrid, and composite cables. Additionally, our skilled team can produce fiber optic cables that meet TIA/EIA standards along with multiple MIL-STD when required by the Military and Defense industry customers. Learn more about our offering, then send us your drawings so we can consider your needs and provide a competitive quote.

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